simplifying radical expressions study guide

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simplifying radical expressions study guide

simplifying radical expressions study guide

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simplifying radical expressions study guideHowever, I found the service manual online if you need it. A special thank you to the person that posted the manuals online. You can find it here. There’s also a newer version of the Acorn chairlift and the programming manual for that can be found here. Whenever I turn it on, even in programming mode, it clicks once fairly loud and then displays a zero with a flashing dot to the lower right. Anybody have an idea what the problem could be.The overspeed governor is on the back of the stairlift carriage and can be accessed by removing the covers. It sits in between the drive motor and the leveling motor. The purpose of the OSG is to stop the stairlift in the event that the stairlift is going to fast. The overspeed governor is like a mouse trap that needs to be set and can easily be tripped causing this error code. You can manually reset it by pressing a black tab at the back of the lift and making sure the plunger switch is held open by the white plastic tab on the plastic ring. Find the two long batteries on either side of the circuit board. Take a picture of them so that you will know how to reconnect the wires. Undo the positive wire and then the negative wire on each of the batteries one at a time. Pull the batteries out slowly as they are attached by velcro. Note the name and number on the batteries and do a search for them online. You should be able to find replacement batteries at around half of the price of the manufacturer. Reinstall the batteries the opposite way you to them out. You will notice that the display gives an odd symbol and that the chairlift is inoperable. This is easy to fix. Find the “program” toggle switch on the circuit board and switch it to “on”. This will allow you to move the chairlift. Move it up to the top charging terminal and stop a couple of inches before you reach it. Unplug the positive battery cable on the right battery. Plug it back in.

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Now move the stairlift onto the charging terminal and then activate the “final limit switch” on the bottom back of the chairlift while the chairlift is moving on the charging station. The final limit switch is a white plastic switch that eventually hits the silver metal tabs on the railing. Now move the chairlift down and off of the charging station until you have reached your starting point. Toggle the program switch to “off” and you should see a number “5” which means that your chairlift is now ready for operation. Make sure to park your chairlift back onto the charging station so that the new batteries can charge up fully. You have now successfully replaced the batteries and reprogrammed the chair to know where the top charging station is located. You must remove the batteries and charge them with a battery charger so that they can first power up the Acorn 180 and then the system will allow the batteries to charge fully. Many people will buy new batteries when they only need to charge the old batteries with a battery charger first. Look at the remote you have and open up the battery area. You should see two wires other than the battery wires. One green and one yellow. If they are both intact and not cut, then the remote is set for channel 1. If the green one is cut but the yellow one is not cut, then the remote is set for channel 2. If the yellow one is cut and the green one is not cut, then the remote is set for channel 3. If they are both cut then the remote is set for channel 4. Now you need to open up the front compartment on your stairlift and look at the transceiver board which is the green board attached to the bottom of the blue circuit board. Look to the left and you will see a small box with two switches. For channel one, make sure they are both switched to “On”. For channel two, make sure switch 1 is “Off” and switch two is “On”. For channel three, make sure that switch 1 is “On” and switch 2 is “Off”. For channel 4, make sure both switches are in the “Off” position. This is because there is a set screw on each railing piece. It is difficult to see, but inside this hole is a set screw that requires a hex to loosen. Once that set screw is loosened, you can easily slide the pieces together or apart. Sometimes the stairlift only needs to know where the top of the rails are. In that case you just set the “datum” point and the stairlift will remember the old program from there. Other times you must reprogram the entire lift sequence. This will allow you to move the chairlift. You have now successfully replaced the batteries and reprogrammed the chair to know where the top charging station is located. This will allow you to move the chairlift. Now toggle the bend speed switch to “on” and start down the railing. Make sure to leave plenty of room to slow the chair down. You do not want to go fast on bends because the chair must have time to adjust for leveling. Once you reach the bottom terminal, make sure you are in bend speed. As the chair touches the bottom terminal activate the final limit switch and then move the chair up the railing off of the terminal. You have successfully fully programmed the chair. However, there may be a time that you need to adjust it. Notice the small blue box at the bottom of the circuit on the picture below. Now notice the tiny copper screw on the bottom left of the blue box. This screw will adjust the level. You must have the chair in program mode and moving in order to notice the level of the machine. Adjust it slightly as the machine moves and stop when the carriage is level according to a leveling tool. Note: if the chair is tilting heavily at random times, you may have an encoder problem and not a pentionemeter problem. I have programmed it multiple times but when it comes out of programming mode it wants to tilt really fast until a number 4 displays. The number 4 means it is out of level and so I manually level it. I can put it in programming mode again and it will operate and level itself but as soon as I put it in run mode it will tilt. I have adjusted the pentionemeter to set it level to no avail. Any suggestions? Could it be a bad encoder for the leveling motor. If so, why does it work in programming mode. Could it be that my reprogramming of the lift isn’t saving? The encoder counts the number of times the shaft rotates giving the stairlift computer the exact location of the chair on the rail. This allows the computer to know how to tilt the chair. Since the drive encoder was broken, the computer was confused and would tilt it randomly. Incidentally, the part for the leveling motor and the drive motor are identical. The part number for my particular Acorn 180 model was E5-32-375-I-S-H-G-B. It was fairly easy to replace. Make sure to take a few pictures when uninstalling the old encoder so you will have something to reference when installing the new one. Also, use a long ratchet socket to evenly tap down the ring to the correct position. Once I replaced the encoder, I was able to reprogram the stairlift and it worked great! Dealing with electricity and moving parts could subject you to injury or even death. These stairlifts could easily be damaged beyond repair. You agree to assume all financial, health, and other risks. You agree to not hold us liable. This page will allow us to remember what I did in order to solve problems to my Acorn 180 in the future. This is useful for people suffering from ALS and other diseases. You can find the free download here. It has a 12-month warranty and will provide you with many years of reliable service. The Stairlift is moved up and down the stairs by the user operating the Direction Controller on the armrest (2). After the Stairlift stops moving, the seat will begin to swivel round automatically. During normal operation it will display these symbols: Stairlift is in Standby Condition and ready to use. Your Stairlift is designed to operate smoothly and quietly. The equivalent continuous A-. If you’re looking for quality stair lift service, repairs or aftercare contact us to schedule service today. With over 25 years of experience in the stairlift business we know chair lifts extremely well and fix all current models. For professional, reliable service give us a call. Also take a look at are basic troubleshooting guides for many common stairlift problems. The Sterling lift is easy to identify with its unique light blue switch at the end of the armrest.If you use your stairlift on a regular basis you'll want to keep it running smooth and in good working order with maintenance.How to check the five most common stairlift problems and more. Troubleshooting basic stairlift problems. The carriage is held square on the rail by side rollers (S) on both power and levelling bogies. The downward weight of the power bogie is taken on the support wheel (SW) running on the bottom of rail (R). The support wheel may bear against underside of the rail when negotiating vertical bends. The downward weight of the levelling bogie is taken on the top roller (TR) running on the rail (R). The drive motor (DM) rotates a pinion (P) on a rack to drive the carriage along the rail. The levelling motor (LM) adjusts the frame to maintain the seat upright when moving over vertical bends. An over-speed governor (OSG) will activate and stop the carriage in the case of an uncontrolled descent. When the carriage moves over vertical bends the levelling motor (L) adjusts the frame to maintain the seat in an upright position. All side rollers (S) on both bogies are mechanically adjusted to remain horizontal with the rail. An anti-tilt mechanism (A) prevents the carriage from tipping excessively in the event of a levelling failure. Carriage speed is decreased when traversing vertical bends, inside horizontal bends and helical bends. The speed sequence is programmed during installation. If battery power is lost the datum setting must be re-programmed. The carriage has a “soft” start and stop feature If the batteries are disconnected at any time the program will be retained, except for the Datum Position and Top Terminal limit, which then must be re-programmed in. The lift orientation is set Left Hand or Right Hand for the program. Factory set. A datum position is set at the top of the rail as the lift leaves the top charge point. The top charge point position is set (Terminal Limit). Carriage speeds are programmed in as the lift moves down the rail. The bottom charge point position is set (Terminal Limit). Programming is then completed for both up and down travel. Three carriage speeds are possible: CREEP SPEED (slow) is the default setting and is used just before stopping. BEND SPEED when moving around vertical, inside horizontal bends and helical bends. It is also used as an intermediate speed. FULL SPEED along straight rail sections. The stairlift will beep intermittently for 60 seconds and stop entering hibernation mode. The stairlift will beep intermittently every 20 seconds and the fault indicator will go blank. The symbol will display C1 when charging or C4 when fully charged. If the batteries have lost their charge because the mains electricity supply has been switched off, or interrupted, allow them to recharge before using the stairlift Bring the unit down to the nearest charging station. However, there may be a time that you need to adjust it. Note: if the chair is tilting heavily at random times, you may have an encoder problem and not a pentionemeter problem. Check that the Regulator and Trigger arm are in the position shown below.You can also adjust the spring setting. There are five positions by default it’s set in the middle hole. And then getting stuck. Any ideas to help? When programming switch is set to on, it shows the symbol “searching for datum.” Chair does not move either direction, but does move manually. Circuit board has been changed, but made no difference. Sometimes when programming switch is set to on it shows fault code”O”, meaning OSG problem. OSG will reset and chair still moves manually so brake is not engaged. But the next time program switch is set to program it sometimes will show the “O” fault. Sounds like you missed something. Make sure set datum at the top charging point. Please call 4042721266 to repair stairlift at: 92 Cavender Run, Dahlonega, Ga 30533 You check the dip switches for choosing the side of installation. Left or right. It’s two years old and the remotes no longer operate the stairlift. The lift works fine with the arm rest controls. I replaced the batteries with no luck. How do I reprogram the remotes? Turn the seat, display will show E6. Now press the toggle toward DOWN and at the Same time press and hold any button on the remote control for 5 seconds. Let us know how you get on. Double check that you have chosen which hand Side stairlift fitting, if you using the dip switch pcb double check the switches. If using the smart pcb always press toward the up on toggle witch Did you figure it out? All advice welcome. Thank you Make sure you winding it UP not down. If parts change are required are part available near Madison, Wisconsin, USA? It’s cheaper to buy a complete unit. I was hoping it was something simple I could do to get it back up and running. What is the programming procedure once the new batteries have been installed. Not sure the problem was caused by the fact that the rail is too short to allow proper programming of the stairlift. I installed for inlaws and now it dont do anything but tilt itself.has the looking force. Need to set parameters. Also ttreplaced batteries. Its not something they’ll send out to customers Would this be a battery fault or do I need to reset completely with a service? Self leveling fault, supposed to reset by running to top charge point. But that’s not working.Try cleaning Back top section of the track. If this doesn’t help you properly need a Stairlift repairs engineer out. The remote control bleeps but it still doesnt move. Often it is out of use for half a day. Sometimes when I move the foot plate up slightly does it change the code and I am able to move it but this is only occasionally. I like your finesse that you put into your work. Please do move forward with more like this. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll undoubtedly discover it. Saint Helen, Macclesfield, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Ellesmere Port, Morecambe. Acorn 180. Curved Stairlift. T565 CarriageThank you for choosing Acorn. You can rest assured that your stairlift will provide many years ofYour stairlift is covered by a manufacturera??s warranty for 12 monthsHowever, problems arising as a result of misuse of the equipmentYour stairlift is expertly designed and manufactured to the very highestSome States require that permits are obtained prior to installation,Check your local regulatory requirements.All measurements are approximate. All images are shown for illustrative purposes only. Product may vary slightly. Acorn Stairlifts User ManualAcorn 180 curved stairlift. It is important for your safety that you studyAcorn Stairlifts User ManualBoth arms of the seat must beThe stairlift can still be called with theAt the top of the stairsThe seat must beWhen the lift reaches or leaves the programmed hinge zone theIt is important that the stairlift is moved to the nearest charge point to ensure battery drainAcorn Stairlifts User ManualIt is important for your safety that you study this manual toThe pictures in this manual show a stairlift on the left hand sideSeat. Armrest. Status indicator. Safety Edges. Footrest. Charging points. Rail. Carriage. Seat swivel release paddleAcorn Stairlifts User ManualDANGER! The stairlift is designed to carry one person at a time. Never attempt to carry more than one person. DANGER! Do not allow children to play with the stairlift. Use byFor safety, it is advisableWARNING! Ensure other members of your household or visitorsDANGER! Ensure that household pets are out of harms wayDANGER! Ensure that there are no articles of your clothingAlways check that your clothing is clear of the rail and carriageCAUTION! It is possible for small items to be dropped onto theWARNING! Disconnecting the power supply will cause theAcorn Stairlifts User ManualArms must beThe stairlift can stillWhen not in use,If there is a mains electricity supply failure, or if the supplyAcorn Stairlifts User ManualThe stairlift will beep intermittentlyThe stairlift will beepTo ensure that the batteries are kept fully charged, the mains electricityIf the batteries have lost their charge because the mains electricity supplyIf the stairlift has not been charging due to lack of mains power (during aThe unit willDo not exceed theAlways use the seatbelt. Before operating your stairlift, ensure thatIf these encounter any obstruction, the stairliftMove the stairlift backLower the seat and arms. Hold down one of the swivel paddlesSit in the seat and fasten the seatbelt.Press the direction controller in theAfter a short delay, the stairlift will beginThe stairlift will slow down around certainThe stairlift will automatically slow downTo swivel the seat, hold down one of theThe Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift is a modular system, designed for easy assemblyThis method is used withAcorn Stairlifts User ManualAfter the stairlift stops moving, the seat will begin toIt is now safe to undo the seatbelt and leave the stairlift.This will allow theUsing the buttons located alongAlternatively, the Powered. Footrest can be raised byThe direction controls can be used to call the stairlift. Press thePress the up button to send the stairlift to its autopark position. It is recommended that remote control batteries are replaced annually.Remove the battery. Please take old batteries to aInsert the new battery. Slide the cover on. Please ensure that the battery is connected correctly. If the battery isAcorn Stairlifts User ManualThe stairlift is ready to use but the batteries are not being charged - Check mainsMoving Up (arm switch control). Moving Down (arm switch control). Moving Up (Remote control). Moving Down (Remote control). Lift waiting for hinge to operate. Batteries are chargingBatteries are fully charged. Down side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated - Check for obstructions. Up side foot sensitive safety edge has been activated - Check for obstructions. Under foot plate sensitive safety edge has been activated - Check for obstructions. Down side sensitive safety edge has been activated - Check for obstructions. Up side sensitive safety edge has been activated - Check for obstructions. The seat is swivelled away from its operating position. Battery low a?? Bring the unit down to the nearest charging station. The unit wona??t allow the user toIf this symbol is displayed, DO NOT use the hand winder in the down direction asContact your stairlift supplier immediately.If this symbol is displayed, DO NOT hand-wind the stairliftRemove the round cover on top of the carriage (marked with an Emergency. Handwind label). Fit the hand winder onto the hexagonal spindle and follow the instructions onAcorn Stairlifts User ManualSee Page 13.The equivalent continuous A-Weighted sound pressure level ofStairlift will beep intermittently every 20 seconds and the faultAcorn promotes responsible recycling. Do not attempt to dispose of the stairlift yourselfNext Service Due. Engineer Signature. Customer Signature. Service Date. Next Service Due. Acorn Stairlifts User ManualAcorn Stairlifts User ManualAcorn Mobility Services Ltd. Telecom House. Millennium Business Park. Station Road, Steeton. West Yorkshire, EnglandHospital Road. Haddington. East Lothian. ScotlandProduct: Stairlift. Model: Acorn 180. Curved StairliftSerial No. The undersigned hereby declares, on behalf of Acorn Mobility Services that the aboveAnd in accordance with the following standards:Millennium Business Park, Station Road, Steeton, England. BD20 6RB. Authorised Signature. William WaddellAcorn promotes responsibleAcorn Stairlifts User ManualAcorn promotes responsible recycling. Do not attempt to dispose of the stairlift yourself. Acorn Stairlifts User ManualVielen Dank, dass Sie sich fAzr AcornIhr Treppenlift wird durch eine Herstellergarantie von 24 Monaten abgedeckt. Diese umfasst die Kosten fAzr die Ersatzteile.Genehmigungen sowie eine von einem lizenzierten IngenieurA?berprAzfen Sie diesbezAzglich die rechtlichen. Anforderungen vor Ort. Alle Bilder dienen nurDas Produkt kann leicht abweichen. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchTreppenlift mit Kurve. FAzr Ihre Sicherheit ist es wichtig, dieses HandbuchSie den Schalter in Richtung derDer Treppenlift kann immer noch per FernbedienungDrAzcken Sie am oberen EndeSie den Lift verlassen.Der Sitz muss dann wieder inWenn der Aufzug die programmierte Scharnierzone. Hoch-Taste und der Lift wird automatisch entweder zu einem Zwischenladepunkt, falls vorhanden,Batterie zu vermeiden. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchDie Bilder in dieser Anleitung zeigen einen Treppenlift auf der linken SeiteSitz. Armlehne. Statusanzeige. Sicherheitsleisten. FuA?stAztze. Ladestationen. Schiene. FahreinheitAcorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchTreppenlift fAzr den Hausgebrauch. Der Lift ist fAzrFAzA?e auf der FuA?stAztze. ACHTUNG! Der Treppenlift ist fAzr die BefAsrderung von nur einer. Person auf einmal konzipiert. Versuchen Sie niemals, mehr als eine. Person zu befAsrdern. ACHTUNG! Lassen Sie Kinder nicht mit dem Treppenlift spielen. Die. Anwendung durch Kinder sollte immer beaufsichtigt werden. AusACHTUNG! Lassen Sie andere Mitglieder Ihres Haushalts oder. Besucher unbedingt wissen, dass der Treppenlift in Betrieb ist. Weisen. Sie diese auf potenzielle Stolperfallen hin. ACHTUNG! Stellen Sie sicher, dass sich Haustiere auA?erhalb der. ACHTUNG! Stellen Sie sicher, dass sich keine Teile der KleidungA?berprAzfen SieVORSICHT! Es ist mAsglich, dass Kleinteile in die Schienen vom. Treppenlift und dann in den Treppenlift-Mechanismus rutschen. WennACHTUNG! Die Abtrennung von der Stromzufuhr bewirkt, dass sichTreppe hoch und hinunter bewegt. Die Armlehnen. Fernbedienungen gerufen werden, auch wenn sich. Wenn der Lift nichtSicherheitsgurt nicht aufDie Akkus vom Treppenlift kAsnnen. Kurzzeitunterbrechungen der Stromversorgung AzberbrAzcken, aberWenn dies geschieht, mAzssen die. Akkus von einem Techniker ersetzt werden, dies wird nicht durch die. Wenn es einen Ausfall in der Netzstromversorgung gibt oder wenn die. Stromversorgung fAzr den Treppenlift ausgeschaltet ist, wird der LiftAllerdings werden die. Akkus schlieA?lich entladen sein und der Lift wird nicht mehr fahren. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchWenn die Akkus nicht aufgeladen werden, erscheint auf der Fehleranzeige ein. Sekunden ein akustisches Signal abgeben, dann stoppen und in den RuhezustandNetzstromversorgung immer eingeschaltet und der Treppenlift auf seiner. Ladestation geparkt sein. Beim Laden wird das Symbol C1 angezeigt bzw. C4 bei. Sollte der Treppenlift aufgrund mangelnder Stromzufuhr (z. B. bei einerZwischenladestation stoppen und aussteigen, da es am Boden keine Ladestation gibt.A?berschreiten SieVerwenden Sie immer den Sicherheitsgurt. Stellen Sie vor dem Betreiben Ihres Treppenlifts sicher,Wenn hier irgendeine Art von Behinderung auftritt. Treppenlift wieder in die entgegengesetzte RichtungTreppe). Setzen Sie sich in den Sitz und befestigen SieDie Arme sind mit SicherheitsverriegelungenTreppenlift funktioniert. Fahrtrichtung.Halten Sie denDer Treppenlift bremst automatisch ab undUm den Sitz zu drehen, halten Sie eine derTreppe).Arme und den Sitz hochklappen. Der Acorn 180 Treppenlift mit Kurve ist ein modulares System und einfachDie Fortbewegung erfolgt unter VerwendungEs handelt sich um das. Benutzung des Treppenlifts sind einige kleine Rucke und StAsA?e spAzrbar,Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchJetzt ist es sicher, den Sicherheitsgurt zu lAssen und den. Treppenlift zu verlassen.Dadurch kann derEnde der Treppe eine elektrischeStillstand gekommen ist, den. Sicherheitsgurt und verlassen. Sie den Treppenlift. Mit den Tasten auf beiden SeitenAlternativ kann die elektrische. Fernbedienung angehoben werden.Die Richtungssteuerungen kAsnnen zum Rufen des TreppenliftsZwischenladepunkt ist angebracht und der Lift kann dann zu diesem. Ladepunkt gefahren werden.Es wird empfohlen, die Akkus der Fernbedienung einmal im Jahr zu ersetzen.Akkudeckel von. Fernbedienung. Entfernen Sie den Akku. Bitte geben Sie alte Akkus bei einem. Recycler, einer Sammelstelle in. Supermarkt ab.Abdeckung. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass der Akku richtig angeschlossen ist. Wird der Akku falsch. Fernbedienung fAzhren. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchSitzes beleuchtet. Im Normalbetrieb werden diese Symbole angezeigt. Der Treppenlift ist betriebsbereit, aber die Akkus sind nicht aufgeladen - A?berprAzfen Sie, ob die. Netzstromversorgung eingeschaltet und der Treppenlift an seiner Ladestation geparkt ist. Lift bewegt sich nach oben (Hebelschaltersteuerung). Lift bewegt sich nach unten (Hebelschaltersteuerung). Lift bewegt sich nach oben (Fernbedienung). Lift bewegt sich nach unten (Fernbedienung). Lift wartet darauf, dass das Scharnier betriebsbereit ist. Akkus werden geladen. Unterer Sicherhitssensor an der Fussleiste wurde Aktiviert - Schauen sie nach. Hindernissen. Oberer Sicherhitssensor an der Fussleiste wurde aktiviert - Schauen sie nach. Unterer Sicherhitssensor an der Fusspaltte wurde Aktiviert - Schauen sie nach. Unterer Sensor an der Sicherheitsleiste wurde Aktiviert - Schauen sie nach. Oberer Sensor an der Sicherheistleiste wurde Aktiviert - Schauen sie nach. HindernissenAkku leer - Akustisches Signal - DrAzcken Sie die Schaltersteuerung am Arm oder die FernbedienungKontaktieren Sie sofort Ihren Treppenliftanbieter.Hindernisse beseitigt sind. Wenn dieses Symbol angezeigt wird, befAsrdern Sie den. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Treppenlift mit ausgeschaltet ist. Entfernen Sie die runde Abdeckung oben auf dem Wagen (gekennzeichnet mit einemAcorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchSiehe Seite 33Der entsprechende kontinuierliche mit A bewertete SchalldruckpegelLadestation geparkt ist, ertAsnt beim Treppenlift kontinuierlich ca.Ruhemodus Azber. Am Treppenlift ertAsnt periodisch alle 20 SekundenSie kAsnnen den. Treppenlift zu jeder Zeit a??aufweckena??, indem Sie die a??FlAzgelSteuerelementea?? oder die Fernbedienung nutzen. Nach der AktivierungAcorn fAsrdert das verantwortungsbewusste Recycling. Versuchen Sie nicht, den Treppenlift selbst entsorgen.Unterschrift des Kunden. Datum der Wartung. Unterschrift des Ingenieurs. Unterschrift des Kunden. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchAcorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchTelecom House. West Yorkshire, EnglandProdukt: Treppenlift. Modell: Acorn 180 Treppenlift. Mit Kurve. Hersteller. Lothian Elektrische Maschinen Ltd. Hospital Road. SchottlandSeriennummer. Und in A?bereinstimmung mit den folgenden Normen sind:Business Park, Station Road, Steeton, England. BD20 6RB. Unterschrift. Datum: Mai 2015. William WaddellAcorn fAsrdert das verantwortungsbewusste Recycling. Versuchen Sie nicht, den Treppenlift selbst entsorgen. Acorn Treppenlifte BenutzerhandbuchGracias por elegir Acorn. Puede estar seguro de que su silla elevadora le proporcionarAASu silla salvaescaleras ha sido diseAaada por expertos y fabricada segAsnEs necesario un mantenimiento anual paraAlgunos estados exigen la obtenciAln de permisos antes de la instalaciAlnConsulte la normativa aplicable en su lugar de residencia. El producto puede variar ligeramente.Es importante para suLos dos apoyabrazos del asiento deben estarEl asiento debe girarseCuando el elevador alcance o abandoneEsto permitirAA al usuario operar la bisagra manteniendo el campoEs importante mover la silla salvaescaleras hasta el punto de carga mAAs cercano para evitarEs importante para su seguridad que lea este manual detenidamenteAsiento. Apoyabrazos. Indicador de estado. Sensores de seguridad. ReposapiASs. Puntos de carga. Tren de rodadura. Palanca del asiento giratorioAquellas instaladas en el otro lado de lasAsnica persona cada vez. Nunca intente llevar a mAAs de una persona. AAPELIGRO! No permita que los niAaos jueguen con la sillaPor seguridad, es recomendable apagar el aparato y retirar la llave siAAADVERTENCIA! AsegAsrese de que sus familiares o visitantes son. AAPELIGRO! AsegAsrese de que los animales domASsticos estAAn fuera deAAPELIGRO! AsegAsrese de que no haya ropa que se le pueda quedar. CerciAlrese siempre de que su ropa quedeSi sospecha que puedeAAADVERTENCIA! Desconectar el suministro elASctrico harAA que lasMediante el mandoAsegAsrese de que elSi esto sucede. En caso de fallo en el suministro elASctrico de la red, oLa silla salvaescalerasEl aparato emitirAA un pitido intermitente cadaLa unidad no permitirAAUse siempre el cinturAln de seguridad. Antes de utilizar su silla salvaescaleras, asegAsreseSi estos sensores se encuentran con cualquierBaje el asiento y los apoyabrazos.