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fpi-2000 user manual

fpi-2000 user manual

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fpi-2000 user manualGuide. FPi 2000 Inserting Machine. Issue September 2004. OMR Programmer's Guide. Machine data. Machine type. FPi 2025. Serial number. OMR codeLow Level. Customer service settings for OMR-2. Commands. Command. Active. Start. Inserting. Parity. Safety. Code lengthLine spacingOMR Programmer’s Guide. ContentsIssue September 2004PrefaceThe present guide describes the rules for programming OMR marks inYou will not always have access to all commands described here in yourWhat is OMR? OMR - Optical Mark RecognitionIn the FPi 2000 display thisFPi 2025 machines from our FPi 2000 Inserting machines series canTarget group. This guide is aimed at programmers who are responsible for preparingOperator Manual. If you need further information on the use of the inserting machine,This manual describes all actions by the operator for job programming,Warning! Risk of injury! Please refer to the safety instructions in theFurther documents andTest material is available from Francotyp-Postalia. This enables you toCheck cards enable quick checking of the read codes. The Service Manual describes the settings that the Service technicianTerms. At the end of this guide there is a “Small OMR Lexicon” which explainsFPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Useful information for processing with the machineRules for processing with OMR-2. Read code on documents. The read code must be printed in the same position on all documentsThe code must be always of the same length, i.e. the same number ofThe first sheet of a set is always the address carrier. It bears the address that is to appear in the address window of the envelope. If the code includes marks for parity checking, these checks will be performed on every sheet of the set. If the set comprises only a single sheet, this is taken to be theSupplements. Supplements do not carry read codes. Supplements can be fed into every set by means of appropriate job settings.http://rbsten-tel.com/images/blog_images/hoover-windtunnel-user-manual.xml

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Collating and furtherThe machine first passes the set (document and any supplements) asThe mark for further processing identifies the set as being complete; theUseful information for processing with the machine. Configuration levels. Configuration of an FPi 2000 for processing documents with the OMR function occurs at four levels. Available hardware and software. FPi 2025 machine type. OMR-2 code. Dongle for Low Level. Customer-specific settings in the service mode. FP customer service. Activation of the requested commands from the command set. Code length. Line spacing of marks. Settings during programming. Programmer. Distance of start mark from top of sheet (read window). Lateral position of read window. Heed the specific service setting conditionsJob settings and machine configuration. Operator. Activate the OMR function. Set up read window (distance of start mark from top of sheet). Maximum number of sheets. Read head position. Envelope settings. Form settings for supplements. Fold settings. Activate double feed control (as required). You can note your special configuration settings on the second jacket page. FPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Useful information for processing with the machine. Job settings. Documents. Documents with OMR marks can be only fed via feeder 3 (top feeder). Heed the correct sequence when loading the machine. The feederThe following read parameters are stored in the job. Supplements. During job programming it is determined from which of the availableThe selected supplementsMachine configuration. Before starting to program the OMR code marks, you should have available the following information regarding the machine configuration (seeOMR code. Francotyp-Postalia FPi 2000 Inserting machines are supplied with. OMR-2 code (FE8 one track code) as standard. Level dongle. Releasing the OMR-2 code occurs with a level dongle. The low level isCommand set.http://www.clpp1.ru/userfiles/hoover-windtunnel-uh50005b-manual.xml The required commands require activation by a Service technician inFor further information please refer to chapter 5 “Description of the FPiSpecification: Documents, number and processing of sheetsThis section describes typical further processing options recommendedThe following specifications are proven:For insertion of DIN A4 formats into C6 long envelopes, use double folding as letter fold. Single fold. For insertion of DIN A4 formats into C5 envelopes, use the single foldInserting onlyUnfolded envelope sized material: All sheets of the set can be insertedThe minimum length of documents with OMR marks is 115 mm. Supplements to be fed from feeders 1 and 2 must have a minimumFurther variants (e.g. Z folding) are technically practicable. Please contact us if you have special requirements. Maximum number of sheets per set. The maximum number of sheets that can be processed in a set is determined by various aspects (fold capacity, collating area capacity,Maximum number of sheetsThe number refers to the entire set, including supplements. This “Max. sheets” parameter is held in the “OMR 2” menu. If the valuesThe operator mustFPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Basic read code structureThis section describes the basic structure of the read code in the sequence the commands are read by the read head. OMR-2 code command set (low level)Command. Function. Read code start. Parity check. Completeness check of marks. Safety check. Read direction check. Explanation of graphical symbols. This guide uses the following symbols:Print code marks. No code markCode marking in example not relevant. Command not activated in service mode. Line grid for printing code marksInserting. Basic read code structure. Description of the minimum code (basic commands). The minimum code comprises two commands: START and INSERT. The FP service technician can set the minimum code by deactivatingStart. The “Start” command begins the read activity.http://www.liga.org.ua/content/el-manual-de-supervivencia-escolar-de-ned-capitulos-completos This mark must be printed on every sheet. The distance of this mark from the top edge of theInserting. If there is no mark printed in this line of code, the sheet in question willNote: The INSERT command also marks the end of the document inSTART (always print mark in the first code line). ACCUMULATE (do not print mark in the second code line). INSERT (print mark in the second code line). The minimum code. Issue September 2004Basic read code structure. Additional OMR-2 code marks. All code marks that are printed in addition to the minimum code are hereThey are part of the read code. Additional marks control the read code completeness and monitor reading as such. They are available as activated by the FP customer serviceCaution! If the customer requests the Service technician not to activate additional commands on the machine, then the respective additionalThe other marks in the read code are displaced upwards, i.e. the code length is reduced. The parity check allows the read code to be checked. Under the OMR-2 code used here, the number of marks on each sheetThe parity mark must therefore always be printed when the number ofAdditional mark for checking that the PARITY is “even”. Complete command set. Additional mark for checking that the PARITY is “even”. Safety check not activatedBasic read code structure. The safety mark increases the read reliability. The machine will issue anThe safety mark is part of the read code and is placed as the last markExample: Read head does not read all the marks (sheet fed in askew). Issue September 2004Description of the FPi 2000 OMR codeThe FPi 2000 inserting machine uses the following basic commands. The maximum code length is 4. All commands activated. Example 1, all commands activated. Always print the START mark. Collate sheet. Print PARITY mark only if odd number of marks present. Always print the SAFETY markExample 2, PARITY command deactivated. SAFETY mark gone one position up, print always,Description of the FPi 2000 OMR code. Comprehensive example. Customer A receives: 3 sheetsCustomer B receives: 1 sheetCustomer C receives: 2 sheetsExample. FPi 2025 feeders. Material has been loaded as follows:FPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Description of the FPi 2000 OMR code. Some notes on the read code and machine settings. The code length is 4 marks. They are added to each set as “fixed supplements”.Comprehensive exampleArrangement of marks and print qualityThe present chapter describes how the read codes must be arrangedYou can also use our FP test material in order to assess the print qualityPosition, printable areas, and spacing. Print position. The print position must be identical on all sheets. The distance of the first mark from the top edge of the sheet is by defaultRecommendation. Print the marks at about the same level as the address field. ExperiencePrintable areas. Maintain the following minimum distance from the sheet edge in feed direction. Printable and print-free areas of the document. Issue September 2004Arrangement of marks and print quality. Mark length. The length of marks is made up of the code length, the line spacing selected, and the upper and lower free spaces.Blank lineExample. Code marks for. Blank line. Code line: START marking. Spacing in paper feed direction. Line spacing. The line spacing can be set between 2.54 mm and 6.3 mm. Recommendation:Mark width, number of characters and font size. Example. Code marks forMargins transversely to paper feed direction. The minimum width of the code marks is seven characters. From left to right it is made up of. The font size is 12 pt (Pica).Arrangement of marks and print quality. Print quality. Mark. Code marks should be printed in black. Matrix printers must be set to “Near Letter Quality” (NLQ) to attain anThe density of all code marks on a sheet must be the same. This meansBackground. Heed the background in the mark area.Note. There are two systems of units for font size:The FPi 2000 machine reads and supports both point systems. Issue September 2004Test on the machineTo learn how to use the machine and how to set it up, we recommendSafety tip. Warning! Risk of injury! Please refer to the safety instructions in the. Operator Manual if you are performing tests on the machine. Job programming and operation are comprehensively covered in the. Operator Manual. Test material. The test documents refer to the example given in the present guide. TheEach set of test documents comes with a summary of the individualThe test material matches the recommendations given in this guide,To check test material that you have printed yourself, and your own documents, you can use our check cards. Notes on printing the test materialDeactivate all check boxes for scaling, zoom in, zoom out whenDeactivate all features such as “Sorted printing”,OMR Programmer's Guide. Test on the machine. Recommended test procedure. StepPlease refer to. Operator ManualRecommendation: Select the job settings without moistening the envelope flap. This allows you to quicklyOperator Manual,Operator Manual,Operator Manual,The display will showOperator Manual,Note: Place document stack in the feeder with addresses facing upward, headers to the front and first sheet facing upward.Operator Manual,Operator Manual,FPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Test on the machine. Step. Please refer toMake corrections. OMR-specific errors are listed in thisFor a complete list of error messages,Note: Do not forget (where necessary) to activate envelope closing before starting routine processing. Further documents and assistance. The operator manual describes all operator actions for loading the machine and processing documents. You will also find. Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide provides a concise overview of:Brochure. The brochure also provides information on. Service Manual. All necessary settings and tests for the OMR function, which are undertaken by the FP customer service through the service menu of the inserting machine are described in the Service Manual. Test material is available from Francotyp-Postalia. This enables you toThe sample documents are available as Adobe Acrobat files and asCheck cardOMR Programmer's Guide. Tips for malfunctions and errorsCaution! For error codes with the message “Technical error”, note theIf the error recurs, call the customer service. In case of an error the display shows the error code, an error description, and suggestions on how to eliminate the error. Error codes of OMR-related errors are easily identified by their 3:xxxOMR error codes. Error code 3:112. Reading error. Remove documents. Troubleshooting. The reading window is activated after the document that contains. OMR info has passed the reading head. Adjust the readingWrong window position. Error code 3:114. Suspected set. Remove suspected set. Suspected set after error. Error code 3:120. Not enough marks. Error code 3:121. Multiple basic commands. This error is issued after a previous reading error and the readingTroubleshooting. Less marks have been detected than based on the appliedAfter a restart the rest of the set isTroubleshooting. More than one paper flow-related commands (accumulate, insert,The set can be removedAfter a restartFPi 2000 Inserting machine with OMR Option. Issue September 2004Tips for malfunctions and errors. Error code 3:122. No basic command. Error code 3:126. No mark defining the paper flow (accumulate, insert, divert orThe set can be removed from theAfter a restart the rest ofTroubleshooting. The parity of the processed code appears to be not correct. AfterWrong parity in code. Error code 3:127. Undefined mark found. Error code 3:128. Wrong mark distance. Error code 3:129. Too many marks.This error code is displayed if a mark is found at a position whereThe set can be removed from theAfter a restart the rest ofTroubleshooting. This error message occurs if the position of a mark has shifted inAfter a restart the rest of the set isTroubleshooting. This error code is displayed if more reading code marks haveOMR Programmer's Guide. Tips for malfunctions and errors. Error code 3:134. Too many sheets. Set size exceeded. Error code 3:135. Final set part. Part of previous set. The maximum set size is specified in the OMR settings menu. The maximum size is 5, including insets (i.e. selective feeds). Suppose this maximum is X. If sheet X is processed and anStop key to restart the process. This is a follow-up of error 3:134. The rest of the oversized set isIf the maximumFurther information regarding treatment of errors can be found in operator manual and in the Service Manual for the machine. Issue September 2004Small OMR LexiconIn the present guide a job's components are called as follows. Document. Consists of address carrier and, if applicable, subsequent sheets;Supplement. Attachment to the document, e.g. advertisement, card or replySupplements do not bear any OMR marks. Set. Consists of a document (with OMR marks)Important terms for optical mark recognition on FPi series Inserting machines. Additional mark. All marks that control machine functions over and above the basic commands “Start” and “Insert” or serve to control the read safety. Basic commands. Commands “Start” and “Insert” which are represented by combinationsCode. Sum of marks for expressing a single control command or sequence ofCode length. Number of marks (including spaces for marks that are not set), whichThe FP customer service sets it in theCollating. All sheets of a document and any supplements are firstly collated as aThe full set will be further processed (e.g. folded and inserted). Fixed supplement. Attachment to a document attached to each set via the job settings. Level. Designates the compilation of individual commands from the overallThe level installed on a machine determines the level at which theLevel, available on the. FPi 2000. Low Level. Basic commands Start and InsertLevel dongle. Memory chip releasing OMR-2 mark reading at the respective. Minimum code. See. Basic commands. Also called minimum code in some documents.Control of document processing using barcode marks on documents. OMR mark. Designation used here for a code character (mark dash on the document to be read).OMR Programmer's Guide. Small OMR LexiconThe descriptions in theParity check. A check mark. It allows monitoring that the correct number of marksRead code. Commands for document control are encoded as barcode marks andRead feeder. The feeder from which the document with the address field and the. OMR marks is supplied. For the FPi 2000: feeder 3 (top feeder). Read window. Area of code marks including the necessary clear space. To compensate for possible positioning tolerances in the marks, the machineThe position of the read window is determined within the job by settingSafety mark. A control mark that is placed at the end of the read code. This allowsSelective supplement. Attachment to a document, which under the control of OMR marks is attached only to selected sets. This function is not available for the. Issue September 2004Small OMR LexiconIndexAdditional commands. See Additional mark. Additional mark 12, 26. Letter fold. See Fold types. Level 8, 26Level dongle 8, 26. Line spacing 18Basic rules. see Rules. Brochure 22Code 26. Code length 12, 26. Collating 26. Command set 8, 10Double parallel fold. See Fold typesExample 15Fold types. Double parallel fold 9. Letter fold 9. Single fold 9. Font size 18, 19. Form. See Document. FPi 2000 OMR code 14Length 18. Width 18. Mark length 18. Mark width 18. Material specification 22. Minimum code 26. Minimum code. see also Basic commands 11,Number of sheets 9OMR 2 code 5, 27. OMR mark 26. We bought a Samsung range at Lowes the next day and it is fantastic. I will never shop at Pacific Sales or purchase a Frigidaire product again and I suggest you stay away as well. Place a level on the oven rack. Adjust leveling legs at base of range until the rack is level. When range is level, cooktop may appear out of alignment if countertop is not level. Weak, unstable ? oor. Be sure ? oor is level and can adequately support range. If ? oor is sagging or slopping, contact a carpenter to correct the situation. 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Just because someone's from Princeton doesn't mean they know how to write a book.It does not explain enough FPGA programming to get started, and spends much time covering topics that are probably of interest to people who already know how to use an FPGA and want to use it better.However, as far as I can tell about this, it seems to be an excellent complement to an introduction to FPGAs design. The inner workings of the system are explained in depth and very clearly.For an EE or CS looking for just one book to own on FPGA design and reconfigurable computing, this is it. To respond to this design challenge, the industry has developed and standardized VHDL-AMS, a unified design language. More Info Novel FPGA families are replacing ASICs and PDSPs for front-end digital signal processing algorithms at an accelerating rate. The efficient implementation of these algorithms is the main goal of this book. It starts with an overview of today's FPGA technology, devices, and tools for designing. More Info The author began writing the book because he could not find a practical and easy to read book that gave in depth coverage of both, the language and coding methodologies. This edition provides practical information on reusable software. More Info Unique in its broad coverage of SystemVerilog, advanced functional verification, and the combination of the two. More Info Their business is FPGA design. Advances in FPGA technologies have made FPGA design a low cost alternative to very expensive unreconfigurable ASIC design. More Info The Verilog language is introduced in an integrated, but selective manner, only as needed to support design examples (includes appendices for additional language details). More Info The introductory chapter covers transistor operation, CMOS gate design, fabrication, and layout at a level accessible to anyone with an elementary knowledge of digital electornics. Later chapters beuild up an in-depth discussion of the. More Info The text presents the information. More Info. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. ( Learn how and when to remove these template messages ) Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. ( September 2012 ) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message ) Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.