felder bf6-31 manual

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felder bf6-31 manual

felder bf6-31 manual

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Schwabbelaggregat: Ja. Steuerungsart:. more Edge height 8-60mm. Edge thickness 0,4 - 5mm. Edge banding. End cutting saw. Tilting milling. Bmbxyvc3v9. Corner rounding 2-motor. Radius scrapers. Polishing brushes. TOP condition, possible to test ! more Clockwise and counterclockwise rotationPuqnoeManufacturer: Fields. Type: Kappa 550 x-motion. Year of construction: 2019. Bhsbdbdxtm. Length of the sledge: 280 cmCNC - Parralal stop. Electrical height and angle adjustment. Cutting height adjustment for angle adjustment. Engine power: 7,35 kW. Cutting height max: 202 mm. Digit-Compensation longitudinal stop, dimension adapts to mitre cuts. Speed. 2,000 - 6,000 rpm, stepless variable adjustment. Start-stop switching on the sliding carriage. Mileage: 40 hours. As g. more Year of construction: 2018Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz). Engine power: 4.5 PS (3.3 kW). Suction connection: 2x120 mm more Bmbn3fcf3zDepending on the edgeband material being processed, a minimum inner radius of up to 25 mm is possible. Scale setting for the edge material thickness. Quick operational readiness ensured by the quick heating gluepot. Flexibility as a result of using glue granulate. Fine adjustable glue application. The machine is NEW. Pictures are from the same machine that was used a few times. Ssxx9kBl3t8xjrmkIt's working perfectly. Possibility to check before buying more Score, r 45 degrees pivotable. Cutting length 2800, cutting width 1300,Blscfns2g3 more Drilling unit swivels. Drilling from behind and from below, 21 drilling spindles with bayonet lock. Pneumatic workpiece holder. Spindle pitch 32 mm, drilling depth 70 mm. Side stops. Bdqzsexg more Year of construction: 2019. Glvzhql. Suction connection: 2x120 mm more VtiikaBjn8pfmkzbEtbvuzf more Type: G 380. Engine power: 3.8 PS (2.8 kW). Dmkbi82 more Year of manufacture 1995P79ab7Motor 3,0 kWSpindle with digital display Feed unit with 3 rollers. Exchange spindle for smaller milling bladesMilling set 50mm with 10 different milling profiles.http://www.slezanie.eu/userfiles/ep-450-manual-de-servicio.xml Milling set for fold milling. Eccentr. more Total length: 1696 mm. Total width: 890 mm. Total height: 2000 mm. Weight: 320 kg. Intake nozzle O: 200 mm. Chip volume: 2 x 200 l. Blnofrga0j more Machine is still in use. Availability upon request. more Bkhvqcrfsv more Type: FS 722. Engine output: 4.0 PS (3.0 kW). Bia8mefxu3Machine. Total length: 950 (3000) mm. Total width: 1000 (1600) mm. Working height: 875 mm. Max. Clamping height: 55 mmFuse: 16 A. Tripping characteristic: C. Air pressure: 7 barMotor voltage: 3 X 400 V. Motor power 1.5 kW. Protection class: IP 55Number of drill heads: 21. Center distance between the drill heads: 32 mmBlkykb8g8g more The Profit 3 work station is constructedA manually operated lubrication pump distributesThe X axis is driven by rack. more The stop on the left of the saw blade is no longer present. Ysrlqo. Machine data see picture with type plate more Type: RL 350. C28z98ac. Engine output: 15.0 PS (11.0 kW)Gwkv2kLength: 5382 mm. Width: 750 mm. Height: 1570 mm. Motor: 16.4 kW. Weight: 1770 kg. Technical features. Panel width min. 60 mm. Panel length min. 140 mm. Edge length in strips or strips min. 180 mm. Minimum distance between the plates 1000 mm. Gwlm98 more Format4 kappa 550 e-motion. N7qmn. Construction year: 2015. Very good condition, rarely used more N9rvf. Year of construction: 2009 more The fields clean air suction device is H3 tested. Felder clean air suction devices are a decisive factor for your health.D8grj. more Bicohvqhrp. Type: Tempora F 400 45.03L. Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) more Year of constr. 2004, seldom used. Sliding table 2050 mm. Cross table (boom). Milling motor 5,5 KWMilling cutter diameter 180 - 250 mmMax. Milling spindle height above table 120 mm. Milling fence with fine adjustments. Milling table size: 1015 x 442 mm. Dglrorh. Extraction c. more Spindle 30 mm. Eefg7hl. Chip guard and downholder. Table 550x990 mm. Pull-out support up to 370 mm.http://dev.pb-adcon.de/node/17853 Suction connection 120 mm more Planing width 410 mmTotal table length 1980 mm. Bj3yeugd8nThe ideal press for homogeneous material:MlkynTotal output: 5.5 kW. Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz. Weight: 950 kg,. more Motor 3KW. Year 2006. Voltage 380V. Nozzle diameter outlet 160mm. Filters Yes. Manual unclogging. Complete housing on wheels Yes. Fd02dytic more Type: CF7-41 SP. Engine power: 7.5 HP (5.5 kW). Weight: 1030 kgOutrigger table size: 1300 mmCircular saw Angle adjustment: electricCircular saw tiltable: 0-45YsmiksDrilling unit with 21 spindles (11 right-hand, 10 left-hand rotation),BioybuiiTool holders with bayonet lock,Accessories:Uq9lij3Aluminium fence with 2 stops (composed by 1 right fence 1500 mm and 1 left fence 1500 mm). N. 5 Bushes. N. 2 Patented safety clamps. Fitted to install dust collection system according to EC STANDARDS. Quick changes chucks. Cast iron made boring head. Cast iron made working table. Patented Spiral System. Pneumatic head rotation, lock and. Adjustable fences on table, accurateMaschinensucher resp.Machineseeker. In addition, the seal can be removed. Designated trademarks belong to their respective holders. Machineseeker Group GmbH does not accept any liability for the content of linked websites. Register now and save 77 discount. Register now and save 77 discount. Perhaps you have written in the link incorrectly or have clicked on an old link. Designated trademarks belong to their respective holders. Pre-scratch, swivel 45 degrees. Cutting length 2800, cutting width 1300,Built: 2009Equipment:Total dimensions:Net price: 27900 PLN. Net price: 6643 EUR calculated according to the price of 4,20 eurosNet price: 16900 PLN. Net price: EUR 4024 depending on the price of EUR 4.20Aluminium slineal with 2 stops (No.2 profiles right and left 1,500 mmNo.5 Quick-release feeder. No.2 patented accident-proof pressure clamping cylinders. Connection for suction device according to EC standards Work table made of cast iron. Drilling head made of aluminium. Patented spiral system for fine adjustment of drilling depth. Extendable side stops made of cast iron with adjustment to millimetersDrilling height setting via payworks with decimal display. Backstroke. Run max. up to 300 mm. Fixed stops 37 mm for inserting pot bands. The machine is manufactured according to CE standards.Milling machine. Zapf and slotted table: 1000 mmPlaning width 510 mmEngine 7.35 KW. Positioning control for thickness height with programming capability. Dickentisch mounted on 4 columns. Planing shaft braked. Inquiries regarding prices and transport costs should be sent to us bySpecifications, year of manufacture and scope of delivery according toIn the case of used machines, any warranty is excluded. Terms of payment: Prices plus Set. VAT, payment before collection orTerms of delivery: from stock. Our Terms and Conditions apply to view the website on our website. In particular, observe Article 9, concerning complaints andFixer stop on 37 mm for tape machine built according to Ce standardsPatented safety clamps Fitted to install dust collection systemAdjustable fences on table, accurate positioning with a ruler andDressing thickness Planer. Planing width 310 mmFields 2 system Planer knife shaft. Shaper fence 2,2 KW 400V 50 Hz 1995. Fields. Fields 5 Combi. Cutter angle adjustment: ManualBuilt in 2000Multieinstellsystem 310 mm planing widthSquare table Description: FELDER RL 200Dressing thickness Planer. Planing width 510 mmSuction connection: 100 mm Y.O.M. 2004, little run. Cross-table (outrigger). Milling motor 5.5 kwShaft diameter 30 mm. Cutter diameter 180 - 250 mmMilling stop with fine adjustments. Milling table size: 1015 x 442 mmMachine complete with power cable and plug, is immediately ready forTransport dimensions 2100 x 950 x 1200 mm LWH, 500 kg. Inquiries regarding prices and transport costs should be sent to us bySpecifications, year of manufacture a. Extraction system. Space 1300x580x2150mmCombine fields BF6 31Dressing 410mm planing widthDressing thickening machine 410mm. Format circular saw sliding table 2700mm. Prelising unit. Mill 45 swivellingBuilt in 1995Spindle diameter 30mm. Engine 3.0 kWSpindle with digital display Accessories. Feed-off with 3 rolls. Replacement spindle for smaller milling knives. Milling set 40mm with 12 different milling profiles. Milling set 50mm with 10 different milling profiles. Milling set for folding milling. Excenter Niederhalter. CE-tested. GS audited. Weight 300 Kg. Packaging dimensions 1470 x 1160 x 1520mm Y.O.M. 2011, very good condition. Thickness width 510 mm. Thickness height 4 - 254 mm. Main engine 5.5 KW. Electric height adjustment Power-Drive Rapid speed switch. Max chip removal 8 mm. Side guide strips at the thick ten tableFeed roller steel fluted. Pull-out roller steel smoothAdjustment device for planing knives. Thick table length 900 mm. Potential-free contact. Suction connection 140 mmTransport dimensions on disposable pallet: 1160 x 1200 x 1300 mm LBHTechnical information according to the manufacturer or previous owner,Lengths by scale at angle stop 2,100 mm. Cutting width 700 mm. Drive motor 4 kW. Saw shaft speed 4,200 rpm. Tool seat main saw shaft diameter 30 mm. Tool diameter 300 mm. Cutting height persecuting 0 - 75 mm. Machine weight about 800 kg Brand: SCHNEIDER - GERMANY. Model: SLS - 28 - CE Standard. Universal circular saw for cutting large-sized beams, wooden roofs,Blade diameter mm 750. Blade inclination 90 - 30 degrees. Manual table rotation 0 - 150 degrees. Cutting height at 90 degrees mm 280. Cutting width mm 840. Motor power Kw 11. Laser light. Machine cover with manual opening. Protective hood for longitudinal cuts. Table size 1560 x 1560 mm. Table height mm 940. Infeed roller conveyor mm 2000 with manual reference. Outfeed roller conveyor mm 2000 with manual reference. Bimanual control. Compressed air 7 Atm. Overall dimensions assembled machine: mm 5600 x 2200 x 2000 h. Overall dimensions disassembled machine: Machine mm 1600 x. W 900 x H 1800 x D 1450 mmNet price: PLN 24900. Net price: 5928 EUR depending on the price 4,20 EURModel: Z 320. Machine type: Format circular sawMachine. Format circular saw Robland Z 320. Power: 5.5 KW. Speed: 3000-4000-6000. Saw blade: 400 mm. Table length 3100 mm. Dimensions: L 2.47 m x W 2.13 m x H 1.3 m. Weight: 1300 Kg. Engine: ok. Machine in stock: Yes. Reference number: 3041Format circular saw. Format sliding table: 3.2mCapacity O 80 mm. Vice opening 145 mm. Plate diameter 300 mm. Manufacture year 19965 Cutting width max. 380 mm. Cutting height max. 235 mmCutting width 800 mm. Pre-cracking unit. Saw blade: max 350 mm (cutting height up to 100 mm, Engine power: 5.5 kW. Control panel below. Suction: 120 and 80 mm CE versionTechnical data. Double trolley length 2600 mm. Engine 4 kW, speed 4200 rpm. Pre-scratch unit 0.37 kW. Cutting width 1000 mm, manually adjustable. Lengthing at the angle miter stop Weight 550 kg. Working height 910 mmCE versionTechnical data. Working height 910 mmMain engine 7.5 KW. X-motion control with overhead LCD touch display. Size sliding table 3200 mm long. Cutting width 1600 mm. Prelising unit Controlled parallel stop cutting width 1600 mm. Saw blade diameter max. 550 mm. Cutting height max.200 mm, saw blade shaft 30mm. Undertable suction with nozzle D-120 mm. Scoring unit Control with 3 controlled axes. Lineage with 2 stops with digital display. Protect circular saw top protection cutting width 1600mm, hood for 90Machine in good condition. Transport dimensions 3500 x 2400 x 1900 mm LWH, approx. 1500 kg. Technical information, year of manufacture and scope of deliverySawing machine with controlled single axis microprocessor with theTechnical data. Dimensions and weights. Length approx. 1320 mm. Height approx. 1120 mm. Weight approx. 155 kg. Connection suction. Suction nozzle diameter 100 mm. Suction nozzle diameter Saw bladeElectrical data. Recording. Y.O.M. 2011, used, functional. Pre-scratch unit 1.1 KW. Various programs and applications programmable (see pdf-document). Saw blade D 250 - 550 mm. Cutting height max. 200 mm. Format sliding table 3200 mm long, anodized with trimmed shoeBoom 1250x650 mmUndertable suction with nozzleD-120 mm. Transport dimensions 3400 x 2150 x 1900 mm LWH, approx. 1300 kg. Inquiries regarding prices and transport costs should be sent to. Built: 1991. Saw blade diameter: 400 mm standard; max. 425 mm. Coat all bolts and nuts with silicone sealant to prevent electrolytic corrosion as shown below. Flat washer Spring washer Silicone sealant Nut Antenna fixing bolt Silicone sealant Note: The cable entry hole (?60) at the bottom of the antenna functions as ventilation hole, allowing trapped moisture to escape the dome. For that reason, ensure the hole is not blocked. Page 17 1. HOW TO INSTALL THE UNIT How to mount the FELCOM 250 antenna unit with optional pole mount kit Pole mount kit: Type OP16-52, Code number 000-017-061 Name Type Code no. The units (max 26 units) may be installed anywhere onboard the vessel. The IP handset is provided with a cradle. Fix the cradle to the bulkhead or installation panel. Determine the mounting location, leaving sufficient space around the unit, and then fix the mounting base to the mounting location. The mounting base is different for bulkhead and desktop mounts, however the mounting procedure is the same for all. Mounting base (Desktop: Use installation materials, Bulkhead: Use telephone accessories.) Secure mounting base with tapping screws. Page 25 1. HOW TO INSTALL THE UNIT 1) Remove the plastic sheet and recording sheet. Attach the connector plug of the antenna cable to the antenna unit. Connect the coaxial connector (8D-FB-CV) to the other end of the antenna cable. Wrap the junction point of connectors with the self-adhesive tape then vinyl tape. Bind the ends of tape with a cable tie (local supply). Fix the cable to the mast with a cable tie (local supply). Page 28 2. CONNECTIONS How to attach the antenna cable connector N-P-8DFB-CF Attach the coaxial plug (supplied) to the other end of the coaxial cable to connect to the CU as follows. (Dimensions in millimeters.) Outer Sheath Armor Inner Sheath 50 Shield 30 Remove outer sheath and armor by the dimensions shown left. Expose inner sheath and shield by the dimensions shown left. Cover with heat-shrink tubing and heat. Remove insulator and core by 10 mm. 10 30 Twist shield end. Page 29 2. CONNECTIONS How to attach the antenna cable connector N-SP-12DSFA-CF If the optional coaxial cable 12D-SFA-CV (100 m) is used, attach the optional coaxial plug N-SP12DSFA-CF as follows. Outer Sheath Armor Dimensions in millimeters. Shield Inner Sheath 12 80 Remove outer sheath and armor by the dimensions shown left. Expose inner sheath and shield by the dimensions shown left. Twist shield end. Slip on clamp nut, gasket and clamp as shown left. Page 30 2. CONNECTIONS 2.3 Communication Unit Telephone FC755D1 and Facsimile FAX-2820 Connect the cable from the telephone or facsimile to TEL1, 2, 3 or 4 port of the communication unit. The modular connector can be connected directly to the TEL1 or TEL2 as shown in the figure below. To connect to the TEL3 or TEL4, use the modular jack box (optional supply) or the modular jack set (optional supply). Page 31 2. CONNECTIONS TTYCS-1 Cable fabrication Approx. 40 Cores Inner ?3 Cut armor and sheath. Braided shield Approx. 50 10 10 6 FMC connnector Crimp-on lug FV1.25 Taping Procedure to insert wire 1. Twist core. 2. Push spring-loaded catch with slotted-head screwdriver. 3. Insert core into hole. 4. Release the screwdriver. 5. Pull wire to confirm it is securely inserted. Page 32 2. CONNECTIONS Cable fixture To connect the LAN and TEL lines, attach the cable fixture (supplied) to the rear panel of the communication unit. Then insert the connectors to each port. Fasten each cable with a cable tie (supplied) to the cable fixture. After installing, affix the grommets over the mounting screws. Grommet inset (4 grommets) How to install the connector cover After connecting the cables, perform the following to affix the connector cover. 1. Peel off the double sided tape (white) from the connector cover. Tape 2. Page 35 2. CONNECTIONS 3. With the connector cover rail in the slot, raise the connector cover in the direction of the arrow as shown below. Raise 4. Push the connector cover in towards the triangle mark on the center top of the Communication Unit to affix. Page 36 2. CONNECTIONS 2.6 LAN Cable Fabrication Fabricate an optional LAN cable (FR-FTPC-CY 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 m) as follows. Cut armor and outer vinyl sheath as shown below and then connect the modular connector MPS588-C (option) to both ends. 150 Armor Outer vinyl sheath Inner vinyl sheath Wrap vinyl tape 1 3 2 25mm approx. 9mm Remove the outer sheath by approx 25 mm. Be careful not to damage inner shield and cores. Expose inner vinyl sheath. 4 6 5 approx. 11mm approx. Page 37 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION This chapter shows how to enter basic settings, done by the installation technician. Click Settings on the menu bar. The sub menu appears on left side and current setting appears in the Information window on right side. Basic settings Settings 11. Click Basic settings on the sub menu. Analog port 2. In the Type box, select the equipment that is connected to the TEL port. There are four TEL ports (TEL 1 to TEL 4), TEL 1 is analog port 1 in the table. Same pattern: Same ringing pattern for any communication service. Different pattern: Different ringing pattern for each communication service. 3. Page 43 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION 3.5 Serial Port Setting Set for the equipment that is connected to the RS-232C port. 1. Click Serial port in the Basic settings sub menu. Serial port 2. Select a baud rate from the Baud rate drop-down list. The selections are 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200 bps. 3. Set a parity bit in the Parity box. The selections are None, Even and Odd. 4. Select the Flow control among Hardware, Software and None. 5. Click the Apply button to complete the setting. Page 44 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION 3.6 Satellite Setting The three satellites are named APAC (Asia-pacific), EMEA (Europe-Middle east-Africa) and AMER (America). To change satellite name, do as follows. 1. Click Satellite in the Basic settings sub menu. Satellite 2. Put the cursor in the Name box and enter the name of the satellite (max. 10 characters). 3. Click the Apply button to complete the setting. The meaning of the table items is as follows. Page 45 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION 3.7 OTA Setting OTA stands for Over The Air. The OTA function permits remote management of files in the SIM card. 1. Click OTA in the Basic setting sub menu. OTA 2. To enable the OTA, click the Enabled radio button. To disable the OTA, click the Disabled radio button. 3. Click the Apply button to complete the setting. With Enabled, OTA functions as follows.Web software setting 1. Click Settings in the menu bar. 2. Click PBX Settings in the Settings sub menu at the left side of the screen. 3. Click Extension in the PBX Setting sub menu. 4. Click the Add extension button. The following window appears. The lowest unregistered number between 1000 and 9999 appears in the Number box. To use this number, go to step 6. Page 47 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION Setting in the IP handset 1. Push the Enter key at the idle screen to show the main menu. ENTER Key 2. Push 6 to select the Settings icon and then push the Enter key to show the Settings menu. 3. Push 3 key to show the SIP menu. 4. Push 1 key to show the Client setting screen. 41 CLR 1. Page 48 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION 5. With the Phone number box highlighted in blue, push the Enter key to show the phone number input screen. 6. Enter the extension number that is registered in the Web software and push the Enter key. If something has been registered, push the CLR key to erase it. 7. Push T to select Password and then push the Enter key. 8. Enter the password which was registered in the Web software and then push the Enter key. Page 49 3. SETTING AFTER INSTALLATION These handsets can be used for communication. However, the following screen does not update automatically. Press the Reload button of the browser to refresh the screen. Page 50 APPENDIX 1 JIS CABLE GUIDE Cables listed in the manual are usually shown as Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Use the following guide to locate an equivalent cable locally. JIS cable names may have up to 6 alphabetical characters, followed by a dash and a numerical value (example: DPYC-2.5). For core types D and T, the numerical designation indicates the cross-sectional Area (mm2) of the core wire(s) in the cable. The FELCOM19 terminal is compatible with LRIT applications. It features SSAS capability with optional SSAS alert units. A GPS receiver is incorporated, and its black-box configuration allows for flexible installation. When your ship is under attack an SSAS report, which contains your ship’s name, MMSI No., position, etc. is sent to up to five locations, specified by the ship’s captain or authorized personnel. No audible or visible alarm is generated while the SSAS report is being transmitted, to prevent discovery of the report by the intruders. Once installed, FleetBroadband will turn a ship into a broadband floating office where constant, simultaneous access to voice and multiple high-speed data services are available, transforming access to data at sea. Increasing levels of both operational and social communications can be conducted all at the same time through this new service.With data capability of up to 284 kbps, the FELCOM 250 will alter the way mariners and vessels communicate, just as on-shore broadband data communications paved the way for the broadband IP era. If the primary connection within the system goes down, the secondary connection will pick up the traffic to deliver constant network availability. As a result, the network remains active, even if one FleetBroadband terminal fails or the line of sight to the sattelite is obstructed so that reception of signal from the satellite is hampered. Automatic switch-over from one terminal to another is achieved without experiencing any network failure. Setting VSAT as the primary connection option and FleetBroadband as the secondary, for example, the vessel can benefit from a fast network connection of 1-4 Mbps by default with a fixed flat rate, offering an economic communication solution. If VSAT connection is lost due to bad weather or the vessel is out of VSAT coverage, FleetBroadband will take over the connection to facilitate continued network connection. But it is not only the end product that must be in order, but the road to it is also decisive. Environmental protection and social commitment are therefore just as important to us. Ship only via Ground Freight Rate All tasks can be conducted all They can also browse VSAT allows crewmembers to attend off-campus For more information go to P65Warnings.ca.gov.Not responsible for any typographical errors. Any products can be cancelled from sale at any time.Supply and Marine Electronics Store Boating Supply and. Post a sign near the switch to indicate it should not be turned on while the equipment is being installed.Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result if thepower is left on or is applied while the eqiuipment is beinginstalled.Ground the equipment to prevent electrical shock and mutual interference.StandardcompassSteeringcompass0.75m 0.40 m0.30 m0.45 m0.40 m0.70 m0.80 m 1.30 m0.40 m 0.50 m0.30 m 0.45 mWARNINGIndicates a condition that can cause death or serious injury ifnot avoided.CAUTIONIndicates a condition that can cause minor or moderate injury ifnot avoided. Mandatory Action Prohibitive ActionRead these safety instructions before you operate the equipment. Please access to the following URL if you need source codes.Further, RF radiation from the antenna will affect the human body. Keep these and the following guidelines in mind when selecting a mounting location for the antenna unit.Secure unobstructed path in all directionsThe best mounting location secures an unobstructed path between the antenna unit and the sat-ellites, from horizontal to zenith. In other words, whatever the direction the antenna unit is pointing there are no interfering objects within the main beam (22for FELCOM 500, 40for FELCOM 250). While this might be feasible on some vessels, on others it is impossible due to space con-siderations. The antenna unit should be located at least three meters away from masts having a diameter less than 15 centimeters.Select a location low in vibrationThe maximum permissible vibration amplitude in three axis direction should be as shown in the table below. Consult with th of 61 Download Embed Size (px)I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E:I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E. It strips results to show pages such as.edu or.org and includes more than 1 billion publications, such as web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers. All materials on our website are shared by users. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. We are always happy to assist you. We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us.